July 2016

1. The Center for Urban and Regional Affairs and the University of Minnesota. The McKnight Foundation. “Yes and No: Conversations About Thriving with Artists of Color in the Twin Cities“. 2015. USA.

This study is a targeted exploration of the perspectives and experiences of working artists of color in the Twin Cities, designed to inform the McKnight Foundation’s philanthropic planning and practices in the arts.​

2. Amy Terrill et al. Music Canada. “The Mastering of a Music City“. 2015. Canada.

This report makes recommendations towards building stronger music communities in cities internationally, working from five case studies to create seven key strategies for modeling by policymakers, politicians, and musicians.

3. University of Tasmania. Live Music Office (AUS). “The Economic & Cultural Value of Live Music in Australia 2014“. 2015. Australia.

This report sets out to value the economic, social, and cultural contributions of the Australian live music industry in 2014.

4. Nordicity et al. Music Canada. “Live Music Measures Up: An Economic Impact Analysis of Live Music in Ontario.” 2015. Canada.

This study is an economic profile designed to guide strategic decision-making in the live music industry as well as determine the industry’s impact on the Ontario and Canadian economies.

5. Shawn Lent et al. Createquity. “The BFA’s Dance with Inequality.” 2016. USA.

This article examines the risk burden of earning professional arts bachelors degrees, particularly for individuals from less affluent backgrounds.