“Ask Me Anything” with Sunil Iyengar, NEA Director of Research and Analysis

On April 3, 2017, the Cultural Research Network held a virtual study group to explore the NEA’s new five-year research agenda. Sunil Iyengar (Director of Research and Analysis at the NEA) kindly agreed participate, and fielded questions from the membership. The format resembled a 60-minute “Ask Me Anything” in the style of Reddit, with James Doeser moderating. The discussion covered topics like:

  • What has changed since the publication of “How Art Works”?
  • What has been learned from research outside the US?
  • Why do some research questions seem to persist indefinitely?
  • How can we coordinate efforts better?

Questions were able to be submitted in advance, and were actively posed during the Study Group

To review the NEA’s research agenda in preparation for the VSG, click here.