CultureLab Fellows’ research collections

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, seven members of the Cultural Research Network who received CultureLab Fellowships from Alan Brown/WolfBrown presented overviews of their collections as an informal webinar. These collections are groupings of researching literature in the CultureLab Library–a free online resource for students, researchers, and managers–each under a unifying concept. The Fellowships were supported by a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to build the library as a resource for the field.

The CultureLab Fellows and their collections include:

Brea Heidelberg: Emerging Arts Leaders Programs

Laura Elayne Miller: Alternative Modes of Cultural Production – The Contemporary Practices of Artist-Run Platforms and Small-Scale Arts Organizations

Lynn Osgood: Civic Engagement and the Arts

Rachel Engh: Creative Placemaking

Tracy Hudak: Creative Economy

Diedre Thomas: Funding Equity in the Arts

Julie Judson: Millennials in Philanthropy



The CultureLab Library is a free online resource. To request a user account, go to and click on ‘Request an Invite’.