Are you ever curious if a topic or question has already been discussed by the Cultural Research Network family?

Wonder no longer!


Check out the CRN’s Vimeo account to view recordings of past Virtual Study Groups. These sessions can also be found in the Past Virtual Study Group section of this website.

SimpleLists: 2014 – Present

Members of the CRN can use the “Archives” feature of our SimpleLists hosting service. Past conversations can be searched by date, thread, or keyword(s). Please note, these only extend to October 2014.

Access this archive here, or by going to:

For security purposes, all you need to do is enter the email address used to sign up for the CRN.

Google Groups: 2010-2014

In a previous life, the CRN existed as a Google Group. This group is no longer active, but if you can’t find what you’re seeking in the SimpleLists archive, come scroll/search through the past conversations below.