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Where in the world are CRN members?

Member Survey

A big part of the CRN’s value is in connecting cultural researchers across the globe. Sure, you sign up for the listserv with your email address, but in order to foster a vibrant community, we ask that each participant answer a short Member Survey about themselves, their affiliations, and their research interests. A select portion of your responses will be included as part of our current Member Directory, and will help populate really cool visualizations (see above!) about the CRN membership that we post on the website.

You can take 5 minutes to fill out the survey by clicking here:


Member Directory

The CRN Member Directory is a “living document” that lists the name, relative location, professional affiliations, and research interests of members who complete the separate Member Survey. The current version is periodically updated as more CRN members take the survey, and can be viewed and downloaded here in case you want to reach out to your colleagues.

The Member Directory also forms the basis of visualizations (on this page, for instance!) created by the Steering Committee to show important facts about the membership’s geographic diversity and research methods.

Past member directory survey results from 2013 and 2014 are available online.


Current Results from the 2018 Member Survey