August 2016

1. Timothy Senior et al. Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK). “Connecting to Innovate: A Preliminary Report on the Achievements of the AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy“. 2016. United Kingdom.

This report examines the initial findings of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council’s four Knowledge Exchange (KE) hubs dedicated to the creative economy: Creativeworks London, Design in Action, REACT, and The Creative Exchange.

2. William Cleveland and The Center for the Study of Art & Community. Intermedia Arts. “Options for Community Arts Training & Support“. 2016. USA.

This report studies local arts agencies in America as providers of culture-based community development training.

3. Ann Markusen. Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, Vol. 27, No. 1. “Supporting Individual Artists: Translating Value, Evaluating Outcomes“. 2016. USA.

This article describes the conversations and challenges surrounding how grantmakers can assess the value of support for individual artists.

4. Melissa Menzer et al. NEA Office of Research & Analysis (USA). “The Arts in Early Childhood—Social and Emotional Benefits of Arts Participation: A Literature Review and Gap-Analysis (2000-2015)“. 2015. USA.

This literature review summarizes the findings of cultural research focusing on individuals ranging in age from newborn to eight years old.

5. Fiona Tuck and Mitra Abrahams. TBR Consulting. “Understanding the Impact of Event Cinema: An Evidence Review“. 2015. United Kingdom.

This report examines the culture-sector impact of alternative content in digital cinema, including live streaming and direct relays of recorded performing arts events.