Arts and Education (December 2020)

1)  Daniel H. Bowen and Brian Kisida. Cultural Trends 28:5, 379-390. “Arts Education Partnerships: Sources of Harmony and Dissonance with Cultural Institutions’ Collaborative Efforts.” 2019. United States. In this study, the authors examine survey data collected from arts organization administrators who participated in a large-scale school-community arts partnership initiative.

2)  Australia Council for the Arts.Cultivating Creativity: A Study of the Sydney Opera House’s Creative Leadership in Learning Programs in Schools.” 2020. Australia. This research report documents the results of a collaborative research partnership between the Sydney Opera House and the Australia Council for the Arts. The research aimed to understand the impact of the program on both learning and community engagement.

3)  Yael Z. Silk and Catherine H. Augustine. RAND Corporation.How to Support More and Stronger Arts Education Partnerships in Allegheny County.” 2017. United States. This report presents findings from an exploratory study on arts partnerships in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and identifies regional facilitators and barriers to forming, implementing, and sustaining them.

4) Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE).The Partnership for Arts Integration Research (PAIR) Project: An Investigation of Arts and Learning.” 2010. United States. This report is an evaluation of a 4-year, federal-funded Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) project administered by the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE) in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools.

5)  Bronwyn Mauldin. Los Angeles County Arts Commission. “We Are in This Together: A Survey of Community Arts Partners in LA County Public Schools.” 2015. United States. Arts for All conducted a survey of teaching artists and arts organizations working in LA County. The fundamental research question driving this survey was: How are community arts partners serving LA County’s 2,198 public schools?