Cultural Research Network Call for Steering Committee Nominations

From October 30th – November 20th, 2020 the Cultural Research Network (CRN) is inviting nominations to form its 2021 Steering Committee.

About the Cultural Research Network 

We are an open resource-sharing community of practice for anyone involved in culture-related research.
Our network emphasizes the practice and process of current research, and the opportunities to inform that active work among peers, academics, and fellow professionals. Our collaborative platform provides opportunities to explore project or professional connections, methodological challenges, technological innovations, standards and practices, and shared infrastructure.

What we do…

  • Email List – The heart of the CRN: a listserv for sharing questions, insights, news, links, tips, and techniques related to cultural research. Steering committee members are encouraged to be active participants in this network.
  • Virtual Study Groups – Learning sessions in a webinar format featuring guest experts on emerging topics in cultural research. Each year a steering committee member takes the lead in organizing this work. 
  • Research Sharing – Brand new research shared with the listserv on a monthly basis, with an international scope and a focus on members.
  • Archives – CRN conversations dating from 2013: a repository of insight across the field.

The Cultural Research Network Steering Committee is a group of network members who are charged with:

  • helping guide conversation and seed relevant discussion topics on the CRN
  • raising visibility and enthusiasm for the CRN within their own professional circles
  • list administration, list governance and oversight, and dispute mediation as necessary
  • responding to partnership requests and opportunities on behalf of CRN with outside organizations, foundations, conferences, agencies, educational institutions and others

Available positions: 

The CRN is seeking to fill up to 4 positions to complement the expertise and experience of the existing membership of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets monthly over video and are flexible in an effort to accommodate various time zones.

Length of term:

Terms are staggered and last one year. There is a limit of two consecutive terms, after which a committee member needs to rotate off the steering committee for at least one full term. 

Desired attributes and experience: 

  • Have an enthusiasm for arts and culture focussed research and evaluation
  • Lead an active cultural research practice, affiliation, or support system
  • Have a direct connection with other national arts collaborations and working groups, represent other data partners, or academics and researchers 
  • Are active in professional networks that add to the breadth and scope of the Cultural Research Network
  • Are representative of the diversity of people, languages, and countries that reflect our global arts and culture research community  
  • Add to the demographic and geographic diversity of the steering committee
  • Represent diversity in organizational function and in organizational structure (funders, arts organizations, individual, individual practitioners, etc), and represent a diversity of arts disciplines

Nomination Process:

Any current member of the CRN list can apply to join the steering committee by completing the following form:
The steering committee will receive applications from October 30th – November 20th, 2020. The existing steering committee will select new members and send invitations to join the 2021 steering committee by December 10th for terms that will begin in January 2021.  

CRN Steering Committee Open House:

If you are interested in having a conversation about the work of the steering committee, or just want to share ideas about the future of the network, please join us at one of the two open zoom conversations we will be having.

We will be meeting:
November 12th from 3:30 PM – 4:15 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York) RSVP to join us here:

November 12th from 3:30 PM – 4:25 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney, Australia). RSVP to join us here:


For more questions and more information contact Gregory Burbidge at