Cultural Democracy and Cultural Equity: reflections on debates in the UK and USA

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

3:00pm EST (North America)
You can register for the event at the following link:

‘Cultural Democracy and Cultural Equity: reflections on debates in the UK and USA’

What the VSG is about?
This VSG will explore the terms ‘cultural democracy’ and ‘cultural equity’, addressing how they are used by different and disparate communities of academics, arts administrators, funders and policymakers in the UK and USA. 

We are keen to understand whether these terms – and the ways in which they are put to work in the cultural sector – share any similarities in terms of use, history, power and problematics. Are we fighting the same fight? Do we share the same problems? Are these issues organisational, structural, ideological? How can practitioners, advocates and academics share with, and learn from, one another in pursuing these ideas to better facilitate action, impact and change?
What do we hope to achieve?
We hope for this to be the beginning of a much longer and wider conversation. Think of this VSG as an invitation to engage in conversation with academics, practitioners and other interested parties and to see whether you want to come along for the ride. This isn’t intended to be a teaching session, but we want very much to be sure that the discussion takes a long view, backward, forward, and enables comparative debate to begin.

As an initial outcome of this session, we’d like to invite you to join us in future relationship/network building, information and resource sharing via an informal coalition of interested people. We’ll ask you to input into how this might best be achieved. Anyone keen to stay in touch, talk more, share more and (possibly) participate in future project activity can respond via the post-event email.

Suggested Pre-Reading:
Hadley, S. & Belfiore, E. (2018) Cultural democracy and cultural policy, Cultural Trends, 27:3, 218-223.