October 2016

1. Anne Torreggiani and Jonathan Goodacre. The Audience Agency. “Audience Finder: Outdoor Arts“. 2015. United Kingdom.

These reports assess Outdoor Arts activity as part of the Audience Finder initiative, a three-year program (2013-2016) designed to assist UK arts and cultural organizations in understanding their audiences.

2. Girija Kaimal, Kendra Ray, and Juan Muniz. Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, Vol. 33, No. 2, 74-80. “Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants’ Responses Following Art Making“. 2016. USA.

This article describes a medical study in which researchers examined the relationship between the production of visual art and the brain cortisol levels of 39 adults.

3. Julia Bennett, Andrew License, Fiona Tuck/TBR. Crafts Council (UK). “Measuring the Craft Economy”.  2014. United Kingdom.

This report gauges the broad economic impact of craft within the United Kingdom from 2012-2013. It employs measures such as: the number of businesses operating, the number of employees per business, turnover, and Gross Value Added, among others.

4. Joshua Siepel et al. NESTA. “The Fusion Effect: The economic returns to combining arts and science skills”. 2016. United Kingdom.

This report examines potential synergy from a combination of arts and science competencies in the UK workforce, and assesses performance impacts that result from a “STEAM” approach.

5. William Cleveland and Intermedia Arts. Americans for the Arts. “Creative Citymaking: In Search of the New Village”. 2016. USA.

This report evaluates the planning, program activities, and outcomes of the 2013 ArtPlace America-funded grant project “Creative Citymaking,” a collaboration between the City of Minneapolis and Intermedia Arts.