May 2017

1. Emer Smyth. Arts Council of Ireland & The Economic and Social Research Institute. “Arts and Cultural Participation among Children and Young People.” 2016. Ireland.

The Arts Council of Ireland commissioned this research to improve our knowledge and understanding of children’s participation in cultural life and the arts in Ireland. When researchers analyzed the distribution of cultural engagement among different groups, they found higher rates of engagement among children from more advantaged social backgrounds, and with higher levels of educational attainment by the mothers.


2. Jill Sonke, Jennifer Lee, Judy Rollins, Ferol Carytsas, Susan Imus, Patricia Lambert, Tina Mullen, and Heather Spooner. Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida. “Talking about Arts in Health.” 2016. United States.

This white paper from the Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida addresses the language used to describe “arts and health” from a higher education perspective.


3. Zannie Giraud Voss and Glenn B. Voss. SMU National Center for Arts Research. “NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index: A Heat Map.” 2015. United States.

NCAR presents an interactive map depicting the level of artistic activity in different areas of the U.S. based on different “scores.” Scores include arts dollars, arts providers, government support, and other characteristics.


4. Miriam Steiner. Arts Professional. “Transforming Young Minds.” 2017. United Kingdom.

According to Miriam Steiner of Rhythmix, music-making sessions for young people with mental health issues have had a recognized impact, and commissioning an independent evaluation has enabled the knowledge and experiences gained to be shared.


5. Robin Pogrebin. The New York Times. “Arts Groups on Edge as New York City Re-evaluates Cultural Funding.” 2017. United States.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his lieutenants are deep into a re-examination of New York City’s $178 million arts budget to try and give a higher profile to smaller institutions in disadvantaged neighborhoods.