March 2020

1. Douglas S Noonan. Cultural Trends, Vol 22, No 3-4. “How US Cultural Districts Reshape Neighbourhoods.” 2013. United Kingdom.

This article describes the phenomenon of cultural districts in the US, reviews some claims made about their impacts, and provides evidence of districts’ effects.

2. Geoffrey Crossick. Global Cultural Districts Network. “The Social Impact of Cultural Districts.” 2019. United Kingdom.

This report analyses the different ways social impact is defined; draws out current good practice, highlighting gaps and challenges; and suggests a framework and principles for future action.

3. Jessica Cusick and Maria Rosario Jackson. California Arts Council. “Cultural Districts Development Program.” 2016. United States.

This report was prepared by the California Arts Council to encourage the development of a broad array of authentic and sustainable cultural districts that reflect the breadth and diversity of California’s cultural assets.

4. Chung Hagen Consulting. Mission Local. “Exploring an Expansion of the Latino Cultural District.” 2019. United States.

This study from Chung Hagen Consulting looks at how to stabilize and expand the Latino Cultural District in San Francisco by synthesizing findings from interviews, focus groups, and community meetings.

5. Egle Rindzeviciute. International Journal of Cultural Policy, Vol 25, No 4. Book Review of “Scenescapes: How Qualities of Place Shape Social Life.” 2019. United States.

Egle Rindzeviciute reviews “Scenescapes,” a book by Daniel Aaron Silver and Terry Nichols Clark that looks at how localities shape social, cultural, and economic lives.