Health and Wellbeing (January 2021)

1) Hasan Bakhshi. Cultural Trends 23:4, 304-307. “Wellbeing and Policy.” 2014. United Kingdom. The author reviews a 2014 report, “Well-being and Policy,” and questions why the report makes no mention of the arts and culture in its assessment of well-being.  

2) Daisy Fancourt and Saoirse Finn. World Health Organization. “What is the Evidence on the Role of the Arts in Improving Health and Well-being? A scoping review.” 2019. Europe. This report synthesizes the global evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being, with a specific focus on the WHO European Region.

3) All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts Health and Wellbeing.Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing (short report).” 2017. United Kingdom. Short report of the study “Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing,” a 3-year inquiry into the state of practice and research at the intersection of the arts and social care that provides recommendations on improvements of policy and practice.

4) Dr. Stephen Clift. Colouring in Culture. Arts, Health and Well-being: The Need for Robust Appraisal of Research in the Field.” 2020. United Kingdom. This guest blog by Dr Stephen Clift calls for a thorough appraisal of research about how art might contribute to health and wellbeing and argues for greater critical debate about arts and health practice and research.

5) Jill Sonke, et al.Creating Healthy Communities through Cross-sector Collaboration.” 2019. United States. This paper presents a case for how collaboration among the public health, arts and culture, and community development sectors is critical to addressing the issues and conditions that limit health in America.

6) Mindy Thompson Fullilove, et al. Forecast Public Art.How Artists Can Address Public Health Challenges: Talk with Dr Mindy Fullilove.” 2020. United States. A FORWARD series conversation from Forecast Public Art on the arts and public health.

7) Hill Strategies.The Arts & Individual Well-being in Canada.” 2013. Canada. This report looks at connections between cultural activities and health, volunteering, satisfaction with life, and other social indicators in Canada in 2010. **New report coming out from Hill Strategies on this topic in February of this year!**

8) Mark J. Stern and Susan C. Seifert. University of Pennsylvania. “The Social Wellbeing of New York City’s Neighborhoods.” 2017. United States. This research report presents the conceptual framework, data and methodology, findings and implications of a three-year study of the relationship of cultural ecology to social wellbeing across New York City neighborhoods.

9) ArtsFund.Social Impact of the Arts Study: How arts impact King County communities.” 2018. United States This study frames a new way of understanding the public value of the arts in King County.
10) Gill Windle, et. al. Arts & Mental Health 24:8, 1306-1315. “Enhancing Communication Between Dementia Care Staff and Their Residents.” United Kingdom. 2020. This paper explores how dementia care staff describe forms of communication in care settings and the impact on communication following four sessions of arts-based intervention.