January 2017

1. Civic Systems Lab. Lambeth Council (UK). “Designed to Scale: Mass participation to build resilient neighbourhoods”. 2016. United Kingdom.

This report evaluates The Open Works initiative, an undertaking to determine whether aspects of local participatory culture can be scaled in a sustainable fashion, incorporating 1,000 individuals over 12 months and 20 different sub-projects.

2. Canadian Heritage Information Network, et al. Department of Canadian Heritage. “Government of Canada Survey of Heritage Institutions: 2015”. 2016. Canada.

This report aggregates financial and operating data on Canadian cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, archives, historic sites, zoos, and botanical gardens, with the goal of assisting policy development and program evaluation.

3. Zannie Voss, et al. National Center for Arts Research. “NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index II: Hotbeds of America’s Art and Culture”. 2016. United States.

This is the second installment of SMU NCAR’s Arts Vibrancy Index Report, which employs indices from multiple data sets to assess and rank arts vibrancy in regional communities across the United States.

4. Hill Strategies Research. Ontario Museum Association. “Ontario’s Museums 2014 Profile”. 2016. Canada.

This report is an analysis of data encompassing 184 Ontario museums in every region of the province, examining the sector’s economic impact, relationship to the tourism industry, and overall health, while exploring ways to enhance public accountability.

5. Jamie Buttrick, et al. Consilium Research & Consultancy and Thinking Practice. “What It Does to You: Excellence in CPP”. 2016. United Kingdom.

This report examines ideas of artistic quality within Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places (CPP) program, finding that the CPP moves participant conversation away from the perceived skill of the art and toward the process of its creation.