Vetting arts research: peer-review vs. client-review

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, the Cultural Research Network held a virtual study group on the topic of “Vetting arts research: peer-review vs. client-review”. This conversation featured:

  • Ann Galligan
    Associate professor and co-op coordinator for the Department of Art + Design Program in Creative Industries at Northeastern University.
    Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society
  • Alan Brown
    Principal, WolfBrown

Research in the arts and other areas is typically subject to review and revision before it is shared with the world. In academia, peer review is the standard system for evaluating research quality and relevance in advance of publication or conference presentation. In commissioned or commercial research, a range of formal and informal processes critique and inform the final work.

This virtual study group explored the mechanics, logic, and context of reviewing and revising arts research inside and outside of academia, encouraging discussion about how these systems support (or don’t support) the development and dissemination of rigorous, timely, and relevant research.