December 2018

1. Tom Burrup. Creative Community Builders. “Cultural Planning at 40: A Look at the Practice and Its Progress.” 2018. United States.

A study led by Dr. Tom Borrup of Creative Community Builders, “Cultural Planning at 40” sheds light on the aspirations, accomplishments, shortcomings, and methods used in cultural planning over the past decade and compares it with a similar study from 1994 by Dr. Craig Dreeszen.

2. Nick Rabkin. The James Irvine Foundation. “Hearts and Minds: The Arts and Civic Engagement.” 2017. United States.

The James Irvine Foundation asked Nick Rabkin to take a close look at links between arts and civic engagement. As Nick reports from his wide-ranging study, there is ample evidence of compelling connections. The headline is that people who participate in arts, especially those who go beyond traditional arts audience experiences, are more likely to be active in their communities and to be making a difference in the lives of others.

3. Andy Parkinson and Jamie Buttrick. Consilium Research & Consultancy. “Equality and Diversity within the Arts and Cultural Sector in England.” 2018. United Kingdom.

Consilium Research and Consultancy (Consilium) was commissioned in June 2016 by Arts Council England to update the previous review of evidence about equality and diversity within the arts and cultural sector in England up to 2013 (Consilium 2014). This report provides a summary of the evidence collated and reviewed since 2013 and highlights key themes and trends within the evidence base to guide and inform Arts Council England’s future work around diversity.

4. Calgary Arts Development. “Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: A Demographic Profile of Calgary’s Arts Sector.” 2018. Canada.

In 2017, Calgary Arts Development undertook an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) survey of Calgary’s arts sector, as represented by the 161 non-profit arts organizations who receive annual operating funds from Calgary Arts Development. The purpose of this survey was twofold: 1). To provide detailed data necessary to construct a demographic profile of Calgary’s arts sector, and 2). To understand the extent to which Calgary arts organizations have access to policies and procedures that promote equitable and diverse workplaces.

5. Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, Rachel Engh, and Susan Fitter Harris. NeighborWorks America and Metris Arts Consulting. “Creative Community Development.”  2018. United States.

NeighborWorks America engaged Metris Arts Consulting to lead its planning process to better understand how its network of nearly 250 affordable housing and community development organizations uses arts- and culture-based strategies and creative expression to pursue their goals, and the challenges they face doing this creative community development work. Metris completed a network scan that surveyed 75 community development organizations; facilitated 20 interviews and conversations with experts in the field and potential partners; and generated five “Bright Spot” case studies that highlight network organizations’ approaches to creative community development.