Cultural Planning (August 2020)

1. Steven Hadley, Patrick Collins and Maria O’Brien. Cultural Trends 29:2, 145-159. “Culture 2025 A National Cultural Policy Framework for Ireland.” 2020. Ireland. Published in January 2020, Culture 2025 A National Cultural Policy Framework for Ireland is the first single national cultural policy in Ireland since the formation of the Irish State in 1922.

2. Bethany Rex. Cultural Trends 29:2, 129-144. “Roses for everyone? Arts Council England’s 2020–2030 Strategy.” 2020. United Kingdom. In this review article, Rex critically reflects on the ambitions set out in Arts Council England’s 10-year strategy “Let’s Create”.

3. Arts Council England. “Let’s Create: Strategy 2020-2030.” 2020. United Kingdom. This report is a cultural plan from Arts Council England with a vision of the creative landscape of the United Kingdom for 2020-2030.

4. Government of South Australia.Arts & Culture Plan South Australia, 2019 – 2024.” Australia. 2019. Following extensive community and industry consultation, the Arts and Culture Plan South Australia 2019-2024 was developed to guide the growth of and investment in the state’s leadership in the arts and cultural sector.

5. The Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht. Government of Ireland. “Culture 2025: A National Cultural Policy Framework to 2025.” 2020. Ireland. This document sets out an overarching vision and framework for the future of culture in Ireland and outlines the plans for action over the coming years.

6. Arts Council of Ireland. Making Great Art Work: Leading the Development of the Arts in Ireland.” 2016 Ireland. This plan describes the investment strategies, projects and programmes Arts Council will prioritise during 2017–2019 and sets out the achievements and milestones we have set ourselves over this period.

7. National Endowment for the Arts. Strategic Plan FY 2018-2022.” 2018. United States. A strategic plan from the National Endowment for the Arts for fiscal years 2018-2020.

8. New England Foundation for the Arts.Strategic Plan 2018-2021.” 2017. United States. In February 2017, the New England Foundation for the Arts crafted a three-year plan that is both comprehensive and adaptable to changing conditions.